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My name is Naomi Sullivan.

I am the proud owner and operator of CornerStone Doula Support and Beyond. 

I grew up in a little community really close to Peggy's Cove, here in Nova Scotia. I have 7 brothers and 2 sisters, so growing up my house was always full and loud. I absolutely loved it!

I have an amazing supportive husband of 10 1/2 years and 3 beautiful and wonderful children that are my world! 

I loved babies even as a small child myself. If my parents couldn't find me at a party we were attending, they knew to go to where ever there was a little one and I was always right there beside them. My aunt used to call me her little Mamaleh (pronounced mamala), which in Yiddish means "little mama". *She still calls me that to this day and I love it <3 

I really started perusing doula work when I was looking into surrogacy. I heard first hand many stories of the challenges women face needing extra support and love, both parents and surrogates. I wanted, and ended up being, a support for both surrogates and intended parents through mentorship and birth/postpartum doula work. I  knew this was something I wanted to do as a career. I took all necessary trainings (through DONA international) and then some, and still continue to take trainings to better support those in need. 

I have almost always been involved in the pregnancies of those around me, yes even as a child. I found it so incredible, and still do. Now being a mother of 3 myself, I know how amazing but also how unpredictable it can be. Prenatal, birth, and postpartum all have ups and downs, and every journey is different. What you came to expect from a previous pregnancy is not likely how the next one will go. I have learned that you need to expect the best but prepare for your plans to not go exactly as you wish. 

My passion is helping those bring life into this world no matter the situation. Whether it's your own little bundle of joy, a surrogate baby, adoption, or anything in between. I want to help you have the birth story you want, your way.. and beyond!

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